U.S. District Court in Hawaii Issues Nationwide Temporary Restraining Order


On March 6, 2017, a new executive order (EO) #13780 was signed and was scheduled to go into effect on March 16, 2017. The EO cancels the January 27, 2017, Executive Order #13769. On March 15, 2017, the U.S. District Court in Hawaii issued a nationwide temporary restraining order preventing the government from enforcing Executive Order 13780. The Office of International Education continues to monitor the situation, and will provide information and resources as needed.

OIE Guidance:

  • Students and scholars from the six countries (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) who are already in the U.S., may travel abroad with a valid visa. Visa processing for individuals from the six countries listed remains possible but with uncertainty.
  • Due to the suspension of the Visa Interview Waiver program, it is best for all students and scholars to consult with the OIE prior to international travel with an expired visa stamp — including Mexico, Canada and Caribbean islands — so we can review the immigration documents under the current immigration rules as well as offer re-entry advising, including travel signatures if applicable.

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