We know it’s important to hire employees with the skills to navigate an increasingly globalized marketplace. Georgia Tech has programs in place that help our students develop the competencies needed to succeed. Explore the resources here to learn about how our graduates are prepared to thrive in an intercultural workplace while having the technical expertise you need. 

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Employing GT students for an internship abroad

The Georgia Tech Global Internship Program provides students the opportunity to gain experience in their field, develop the skills employers need in a global economy and get exposure to cross-cultural communication and learning. Registering an internship is free and the internships are often paid positions. The duration can be from 10 weeks to one year. Employers looking for top students ready to be part of the globalized workforce can recruit them through this program.

Hiring GT study abroad students

Students who study abroad develop marketable skills that are becoming more sought-after by corporate recruiters as we continue to move toward a more global economy. Students who study abroad build characteristics such as independence, self-awareness, flexibility and creativity. Through exposure to different cultures, thought processes, and ways of doing business, students increase their knowledge base and enhance problem-solving skills.

Hiring International Plan Alumni

The International Plan (IP) is a challenging program for undergraduate students focused on developing global competency in the context of one's major. Students in the IP complete a set of academic and experiential components as part of their degree requirements, including foreign language proficiency, globally-focused coursework, a minimum of six months spent studying, working, or researching abroad, and a senior level capstone course which integrates international knowledge into a major-specific project. Through these experiences, IP students develop skills and characteristics that prepare them to be leaders in multicultural settings such as the ability to lead diverse groups, the ability to take multiple perspectives, enhanced problem solving skills, cultural awareness, adaptability, resilience, creativity, and resourcefulness. You already know that GT graduates are standouts in their fields. IP graduates have gone above and beyond the rigorous GT curriculum to also develop these critical skills that will help you grow your company in a global economy.

Hiring International students, scholars or student interns

International students bring many attributes that U.S. employers are seeking. They are often proficient in multiple languages, have participated in university leadership and multicultural teamwork development, and have real-world problem solving skills. International students bring multiple strengths to a global work environment that make them valuable assets to employers in the U.S. and abroad. Read More



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