Photography Contest 2013

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Winners Best Photography


"The Horseshoe Bend" by Yitao Liu
"Magical Bruges" by Tanay Rajore
Park, Arizona
Bruges, Belgium
GT International Student
GT Lorraine - Summer 2013



Winners: "Telling a Cultural Story" and "Georgia TrECH" categories


"Feria en Granada" by Jacoby Daniels
"The Hills are Alive!" by Michael Maurer
Granada, Spain
Alps, Switzerland
Universidad de Granada Exchange, 2012-13
Barcelona Summer Program, Summer 2013


Winner: "Moving Pictures" (video contest)


"The Creation Continues Incessantly" by Tucker Elliot
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona Summer Program, Summer 2013



Winner Facebook Favorite


"Eastern Music" by Ahmad Usman
GT International Student


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