Go Global @GT

Take advantage of all the great ways to 'Go Global' while you are on campus. 

Check out the list of internationally-focused activities we have complied.

Attend events on campus such as lectures and festivals so you can learn about global issues, other cultures, and dialogue with those who have different perspectives.  Some departments on campus that are likely to sponsor such events:

Office of International Education
Student Affairs
Sam Nunn School of International Affairs 
School of Modern Languages

Georgia Tech is an extremely diverse community, with students, faculty, and staff from a variety of national, regional, ethnic, religious backgrounds.  International students and scholars hail from more than 110 countries.  Talk to them, listen to them, share your culture with them!

Tech students study or intern in more than 50 countries, and bring back a wealth of experiences that they can are likely eager to share with others.


Global Leadership Living Learning Community

Global Leadership teams complete projects applying culture-based leadership perspectives to global challenges in technical, social, and political arenas.

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Culture Break Information

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Culture Breaks are funds distributed to student organizations by OIE with the purpose of off-setting the costs of culturally based events on Tech’s campus.

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Looking for a neat place to live and get involved on campus? I-House is an on-campus residence option for students interested in promoting cultural exchange and awareness and exploring the global dynamics of politics, current events, economics and culture. http://www.ihouse.gatech.edu

Intercultural Trainings

Intercultural Trainings

OIE has staff trained to facilitate intercultural activities that promote effective communication and collaboration among people from different culture



Short term study at Georgia Tech for undergraduates from abroad. 

TECHsplore Summer

TECHsplore Summer: This short-term study program at Tech that is designed for groups (10-25) of upper division undergraduates from abroad. Student will be offered the opportunity to enroll in theme based programs during late summer session.

StoryCorps @ GT

wrek studio

In early September 2016, the Office of International Education at Georgia Tech, partnered with StoryCorps Atlanta and WREK to record interviews between members of the Tech community.

Interviewees included undergraduate and graduate students, professors, administrators, spouses of students, and the First Lady of Georgia Tech.

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iGniTe your Georgia Tech experience by applying to one of our First Year Summer Launch Programs!

All first year summer students enter Georgia Tech for the late summer term and will participate in one of the Georgia Tech Summer Launch Programs. Students can apply to both iGniTe Summer Launch Programs: iGniTe Living Learning Community and iGniTe Summer Exploration Series.​ The iGniTe Living Learning Community requires students to live on campus. The Summer Exploration Series allows students to live on or off campus.

IEW (International Education Week)

A week of events in mid November to celebrate international education exchange at GT. Events vary year to year and are open to all. Check out the IEW website for updates and information.

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